Service Scope

Segesta’s suite of services is designed to help organizations forge better business relationships. Each engagement is different in scope and focus; all are undertaken with the same commitment to flawless execution and results. Explore our different services and our representative clients for each, then contact us and together we can determine your next best move.

Event Strategy + Management

Orchestrating a major event requires hundreds of decisions—some big, some seemingly small and mundane. When done right, the rewards of a remarkable event can be immense and long-lasting. Thorough planning and flawless execution will get you far. But exceptional events are more than the sum of a logistics checklist. The only way to truly stand out and ensure your event reflects your brand and generates the type of market returns you deserve requires an expert hand. With more than 20 years planning and orchestrating client events, this is what Segesta delivers. For events from 50 to 500, we’re the go-to resource for start-to-finish execution. If you simply need to add muscle/expertise in a specific area to support your in-house team, we’re happy to assist as well.

Representative Clients:

  • CalPERS
  • KPCB
  • Khosla Ventures
  • RG & Associates
  • Toigo Foundation
  • VantagePoint Venture Partners


Fundraising + Pitch Decks

Raising—and managing—a multi-million dollar fund requires a team with unique investment strategies, knowledge of the markets and a deep understanding of the risk landscape. As many fund leaders know, a stellar record as an investor does not always translate to marketing and communications. That’s where Segesta can help. As a hands-on creative team, we provide clients with a full suite of design and marketing services, taking on as much—or as little—of the design, messaging, presentation coaching and marketing support needed for a successful firm launch, LP outreach and continued growth. Our services are designed to complement, not replace or replicate, the work of consultants, 3rd party marketers or fund of fund managers. Because we’re engaged in events and programs where LPs actively participate, we’ve developed a core understanding of what resonates with institutional investors (and what doesn’t). We marry that insight with a deft and diplomatic approach to honing your messages into focused, memorable pitch points to help you tell your story succinctly and convincingly. Our goal is to help you build your AUM and get back to where you really shine—investing.

Representative Clients:

  • Avanz Capital
  • DRC Capital
  • Kilimanjaro Credit
  • Matarin Capital
  • Quaestus Capital



Marketing Initiatives

Focusing your marketing muscle on deepening existing relationships through global campaigns is a smart move–one we’ve helped industry giants like J.P. Morgan due for 15+ years. When the Toigo Foundation wanted to raise awareness for the need (and value) of more women and minorities on boards, Segesta was there—identifying an online platform, developing thought leadership, and more. Need a fresh new take on your messaging and brand promise? JAMS did—and Segesta (with SF-based TWIST), delivered an on-target campaign for the nation’s top mediation and arbitration team. We start by reviewing your goals—cementing relationships with C-Suite players, raising visibility among a new market sector, driving engagement, reiterating your value proposition to clients who may be drifting out of your circle, etc. Segesta listens, asks questions, tests and validates some thinking, then comes back with a suite of sweet ideas to discuss and explore with you. Your team can take it from there—or engage Segesta to help build out the program.


Representative Clients:

  • JAMS
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Orrick
  • Otten Johnson
  • Toigo Foundation
  • Woodruff Sawyer



Google’s CEO (ironically) called the web a giant cesspool—a place that’s crowded. murky and hard to stand out. That’s one reason why you have just a few seconds before a visitor decides to flee or forge ahead to explore your site. Often, your website is the first touch a prospective client will have with you, which makes making it right critical. Lots of elements can strengthen (or diminish) your brand online: The clarity and tone of your message, your site’s structure, its look and feel. What you say matters a lot; how you say it matters, too. Writing for the web requires discipline—and a big red pen. Brevity and clarity rule. You’ll find what you need with Segesta.

Representative Clients (click to view website):


Thought Leadership

Being the smartest gal (or guy) in the room isn’t enough—you need a way to showcase your thinking. Thought leadership is the ideal way to do that. It’s a chance to educate and illuminate. It’s less about selling, and more about seeing—about observing what’s occurring, connecting the dots and offering valuable insights. Your thinking can be delivered via social media or old-fashioned print and in-person contact—regardless of the channel, the content needs to be timely, rich and provocative. Ready to shed some light and stand out? Segesta’s here to help.

Representative Clients:

  • Ernst & Young
  • Toigo Foundation